When Disney acquired Marvel, consumers knew it was only a matter of time before the billion-dollar entertainment company opened a park dedicated to the Avengers. Although the heroes may be used at Universal Studios, Disney is taking back what's theirs. As reported by Walt Disney World NewsCalifornia's Disneyland is set to get the first Avengers themed section of the park entitled Marvel Super Hero Land.

2020 is the slated launch for what Disney is calling their first phase of Avengers rides. The second phase will take place a year or two following the first launch. The section of Disneyland dedicated to A Bug's Life is being torn down, and is currently surrounded by barricades that read "Stark Industries." The “It’s Tough To Be A Bug” Theater building is being reconstructed as a new Spider-Man attraction where guests are given web-shooters. Doctor Strange will also get a nearby live show, and a hero themed gift shop will be added as well. 

What hero would be better to host a microbrewery than Marvel's micro hero Ant-Man? It appears that Disneyland will expand their alcoholic business, which has been confined to certain sections of California Adventure. A poster for the upcoming Marvel Super Hero Land has been released, and viewers can get a peak of what the entrance to the park will look like.