Dizzy Wright may have recently dropped off the underrated Golden Age 2, but the Still Movin' rapper has something else he'd like to get off his chest. Dizzy recently took to Twitter to announce the impending arrival of State Of Mind 2, a brand new album dropping at midnight tonight. The rapper made the announcement through a video, and if you can't watch that right now, I've transcribed the content below. From the sound of it, Dizzy plans on delivering something a little more introspective, and he seems intent on waving the way for a healthy and focused 2018. Check out the video below:


"Yo yo, what's good loved ones? It's ya buala Dizzy Wright. Today I'm dropping that State Of Mind 2, and this project is to raise your consciousness. I know I just dropped Golden Age 2 not too long ago and some of ya'll still gettin' to it, some of ya'll been ridin' with it for a while, but um, I'm droppin' the bomb on ya'll. I'm tryin' to help ya'll journey into 2018 with the right mindset, with the jams I feel like ya'll need. I ain't do no promotion, no pre-orders, I ain't got no management, no nothin' it's just ya buala givin' ya'll what I feel like ya'll need. So shout out to the producers, shout out to everybody that jumped on a verse, shout out to my boy Reezy for mixing it down, and we gon' keep this thing rockin' man. We still movin' and I hope ya'll enjoy this. Get ready for them tour dates, get ready for everything, man." 

If you haven't already, be sure to check out Golden Age 2. You might not hear his name come up in everyday conversation, but Dizzy Wright can spit some bars, and deserves some of that attention. Stay tuned for Golden Age 2, dropping tonight.