At the beginning of the year, Funk Volume co-founder and rapper Hopsinvoiced his anger at the label's other co-founder, Dame Ritter. In the week that followed, Georgia emcee Jarren Benton announced his departure from Funk Volume in favor of Master P's No Limit Records, and Hopsin then announced that the label was "officially dead." 

Hopsin addressed his issues with Ritter in his latest track and video, "Ill Mind of Hopsin 8," and he went into further detail in an interview last week, calling his former partner the "new age Jerry Heller." Also during the interview, he announced a new label of his own called Undercover Prodigy

All this time, not a word about Funk Volume's ruin had been uttered by Vegas rapper Dizzy Wright. Today, Dizzy finally broke his silence on Ritter, Hopsin, and the label he had been signed to for over four years in a lengthy Facebook post. 

Hopsin had suggested he was interested in bringing his old Funk Volume labelmates to Undercover Prodigy, but in today's Facebook post, Dizzy confirmed he was staying in business with Ritter, who has continued to serve as his manager in the wake of Funk Volume's demise. He went on to voice his dismay at seeing Ritter's name being "dragged through the dirt" and explained how crucial his current manager was to Funk Volume's success. 

I don't think y'all want to know how I REALLY feel about this Funk Volume fallout but, because so many people keep...

Posted by Dizzy Wright on Sunday, March 13, 2016


"Y'all really don't know how much this man has done for that label and you're calling him names and disrespecting the man that did everything in his power to bring us together as a unit," wrote Wright. He also criticized Hopsin for not understanding the Ritter's role in keeping up the label's success: 

"Hop may not see it now, but Dame went the extra mile for all of us numerous times and he just overlooked it. Even when Hop was out there acting crazy, going on Kanye rants, quitting rap, and all kind of shit. We stood by that nigga because what's a label with no 'loyalty'?" 

Ultimately, if there is blame to be placed, Dizzy wrote that Funk Volume's fans let the label's roster down "when we needed you the most." He feels that the fans were ready to see a controversy erupt and weren't willing to stand by the label when Hopsin first took issue with Ritter. 

Wright finished his post by writing that he'll remember all of the success he was able to achieve with Funk Volume and how he won't let the recent unfortunate events taint the label's legacy.