DJ Akademiks is one of the most popular sources of news in the hip-hop community. He's usually insanely quick to post things, letting his audience keep their finger on the pulse of the culture with him. However, he has some pretty strong opinions about certain rappers. His alliance with 6ix9ine is no secret. The two have been in many videos together and they seemingly have a close friendship. He's also a big fan of artists like Kodak Black and the emerging Blueface. He's been critiqued often in the past for his distasre of artists like Vic Mensa, who he openly bashes. When Ebro invited Vic onto his radio show to promote his upcoming album, Akademiks lost it during a live-stream.

Right off the bat, Ak goes in on Vic Mensa, saying, "Vic Mensa is fucking garbage." He even went so far as to play a portion of Vic's latest release, clowning him for trying to mimic 6ix9ine's style. His anger was also directed at the radio host after Ak's name was mentioned several times in the interview. He said, "Ebro you're a real sucker for how you tried to conduct that interview. Vic Mensa, who is scum already, wasn't even trying to say anything about people... yet you mention me three times in the interview. Ebro you're fucking desperate."

During the video, Ak speaks on how "old heads" perceive him and the new generation of hip-hop. Of course, this all happened as he was streaming a game of "Fortnite."