DJ Akademiks, a famous internet personality who is best known for his extremely popular YouTube channel "DJ Akademiks" and his gig co-hosting Everyday Struggle alongside Wayno, is facing some pretty heavy allegations from his ex-girlfriend Angelica.

Angelica took to Instagram live where she put the hip-hop commentator on full blast, saying he was abusive both mentally and physically. 

In the video, she says "Yeah, guys. ‘Fuck AK, you deserve better.’ Yep, I do. That’s why I broke up with him. I know that I deserve better because — I’m not trying to be narcissistic because I know what I bring to the table — I’m so good to him, loyal. I’m sweet. I clean. I do his laundry. I cook. I’m everything a man would want in a woman — like how my mom raised me. To be a woman. I broke up with him because I was tired of all the lies and all the tricks."

Akademiks and Angelica recently appeared on a live stream on Ak's Twitch channel where he got mad at her for continuing to live in the apartment he bought for her and for hanging out with rapper Lil Tracy. Angelica replied to that on her live stream saying "for him to sit there and expose me and say I’m broke and I’m living off him, that really hurt my heart. I’ve never been a gold digger.”

She also continued with a serious accusation saying “Any girl who’s been around AK will say this too. He will not make a move on you until he gets you drunk. Point blank. Period. He’s going to initiate any type of sexual activity until after you’re drunk. That is just so perv-y to me.”

These allegations come after DJ Akademiks released his Clout Chasers EP under the moniker "Lil Ak."