The reality that we'll never hear another brand new XXXTentacion album still sinks in with every passing week. Yet while the tragedy of his sudden death lingers, it would appear that some of his potential "unfinished business" had indeed been settled prior. Fans may recall when X took aim at Drake over allegedly jacking the "Look At Me" flow, an accusation Drizzy wrote off as simple coincident. Unfortunately, the spat got ugly when X dragged Drake's mother into it, a low blow to be sure.

Luckily, it would appear that the pair were indeed able to settle their differences, thanks in large part to the facilitation of one DJ Akademiks. At the onset of the video below, Ak details the conversation that transpired between X, Drake, and 40. Citing the "fan" backlash directed at Ski Mask The Slump Gpd after he took a picture with Drake, Ak explained that the "X would not want it" narrative was indeed false. "I almost made X and Drake be friends," said Ak, no bush-beating required. 

After speaking with 40, who had positive things to say about X's music, Ak relayed the message to XXXTentacion. Upon hearing that 40 and Drake actually enjoyed his music, X seemed pleased; Ak even relates the enthusiasm of 40's proclamation, painting the picture of a fan through-and-through. Still, the OVO camp didn't exactly love X's comments about Sandi Graham, but some wounds take longer to heal than others. 

Though XXXTentacion's early career was fraught with controversy and a come-out-swinging mentality, the rapper eventually proceeded to mellow out. In fact, after his court hearing and brief-incarceration, X seemed to have had an epiphany of sorts. Upon his release, X appeared to be a changed man, dedicating himself to charitable donations and playing the role of hip-hop peacekeeper; case in point, after his passing many of his friends and colleagues looked back on him as a role model. Rest in peace XXXTentacion.

Drake talk pops off at the beginning of the video: