DJ Akademiks found himself embroiled in numerous controversies over the past couple of weeks, and it appears as though it has landed him in some considerable hot water. It all started with Freddie Gibbs as he tried to claim the rapper wasn't very relevant. This led to about a week's worth of bullying from Gibbs, who wouldn't let Ak come up for air. From there, Akademiks got into it again with Meek Mill and even had some harsh words for Chrissy Teigen. 

Following the Teigen remarks, it was reported that Akademiks had been suspended by both Twitch and Complex. In Akademiks' latest Instagram post, he is claiming that he was fired by Complex and perma-banned by Twitch. Simply put, you won't be seeing him on either of these platforms, ever again. Ak took the announcement as an opportunity to promote his upcoming Lil Ak song, "Uber Eats Freestyle."

As many of you know, Akademiks is a huge troll so it remains to be seen if his Complex and Twitch claims are true, or if they're just a subtle shot at Meek Mill, whom he references in the caption. 

While Akademiks might be losing out some of his platforms, he still has his IG and YouTube account, which are what ultimately made him a powerhouse in the hip-hop media landscape.