On their joint podcast, called "TheCaseyCrew", The Breakfast Club host, DJ Envy, and his wife, Gia Casey, got candid about the miscarriage they recently suffered six weeks into Gia's pregnancy. In the podcast's 125th episode, titled "We Prayed & We Prayed and...", the couple detailed their process of trying to get pregnant with their sixth child and then discovering that it wouldn't be a success. 

They explained that Gia struggled to get pregnant this time around more than ever before. "So we went through the process of trying, we did the fertility stuff, we found out when she was ovulating, I was trying to smash on that date," said Envy. "Usually, I touch Gia, she becomes pregnant- not a problem. Bang! 1, 2, 3! But for the sixth one, it was a little more difficult. So we tried the ovulation kit, and it didn’t work.”

Gia then expanded: "We went through a drought where we tried that, and it wasn’t working…we decided we were going to get some help. First, we did an IUI – which is intrauterine insemination. That did not work. Then, we moved on to in vitro. We did one cycle of that, and ended up with a negative pregnancy result. Then, we did another round of in vitro.”

Envy explained how they almost gave up after all the alternatives tried and failed attempts: "After the IUI, the mock-trial, the two failed rounds of in vitro – we just kinda said, ‘Ehh, maybe this just isn’t for us. Maybe God has another plan.’ So, that very next month after the failed pregnancy test result…without trying, [we] wound up pregnant naturally. Which blew both of our minds!”

Gia then shared the final heartbreaking blow: "Yes, I was pregnant. And I regret to use the word, was. At about six weeks, when I went in for another ultrasound…there was no heartbeat. But, you don’t necessarily have to have a heartbeat at six weeks. But the baby was measuring about a week behind in size…[and] at the seventh week there must be a heartbeat…lo and behold, there was no heartbeat…I miscarried at the same point right before I got pregnant with Brooklyn, and that was really the reason I didn’t want to get pregnant on my own. That miscarriage made me fearful of going through several weeks of happiness and hope and prayers, and just being euphoric that you’ve achieved what you’ve wanted.”

Our thoughts are with Envy & Gia during this difficult time. 

You can listen to the full podcast here. Their discussion of the miscarriage comes in around the 43-minute mark.