DJ Envy brought out the old photo albums for Instagram on Tuesday, to honor his mother in Law, Norma Grante. Norma and Envy met over 20 years ago when he and his now-wife Gia began dating in high school, according to the couple’s bit on OWN’s Behind Every Man.

Grante’s passing was sudden, shocking the couple who were on their way to the airport for a vacation. According to Envy, “just hours before we boarded, we got the worst call imaginable…”

The mother-son bond between the two is evident in the photos shared on Envy’s page. The first picture shows him escorting her on what appears to be her wedding day, followed by a home photo where the two both wear warm smiles. The final photo is of a young Gia and her mom smiling together.

In the caption, he recalls how Norma was one of the few people supportive of him in the early days of his DJ career stating, 

"This is extremely difficult to write... How do you tell your wife that everything is going to be alright, when her best friend is no longer here...? ... I tell the story all the time about me choosing “Dj’ing” as my career”.. Everybody laughed and thought I was crazy, but not Gia’s mom.... Norma said, “Do what makes you happy & “f*ck everybody else. If there’s anything you need, just come to me”... Yesterday, Norma Grante passed away.... She was loving, ever supportive and such a major part of our lives and my career.. I Miss You And Will Always Love You..."

Gia, in mourning, has not yet made a post of her own, but friends and fans have flocked to her comments on old posts with support and condolences. 

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