According to the Blast, the legal case between DJ Khaled and New York jewelers Rafaello & Company has more layers to it than we initially thought. It all stems from lawsuit by the jewelers claiming the hip hop mogul ducked out on a hefty tab which included 2 Rolex watches, a custom made diamond chain, a pair of diamond earrings, and a 4 carat diamond ring.

In the original paperwork filed by Rafaello, he claimed to have an agreement in principle with Khaled that should he not return the items in 15 days he was responsible for their purchase in full, a total which puts Khaled 100k in the red.

Fast forward to 2018, some 6 years after the initial transaction, and Khaled is claiming the jeweler has been conspiring against him all along. Khaled claims the jeweler has been using The American Board of Certified Gemologists tagline as a ruse to inflate prices on his merchandise. Khaled claims the ABCG is illegally representing itself as a certified board of appraisal, which it is not.

DJ Khaled has amended court documents to include a counterclaim with a count of conspiracy to commit fraud against Rafaello & Company. May the truth set you free, whoever is without sin.