Early last month, Oprah Winfrey took to Twitter to announce that Weight Watchers has signed on DJ Khaled as the company's latest spokesperson, effectively extending their reach to a whole new audience of potential male clients. Khaled has assumed the role as a social media ambassador, sharing his journey to weight loss with his millions of followers across multiple channels including Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. Winfrey, who owns a ten percent share in the company, was smart to nab the producer to help elevate their weight loss program that is commonly associated with women. 

Besides producing hits for a bevy of artists, Khaled is also known for his candid approach to being a celebrity, as he is not afraid to share his opinions and other personal aspects of his private life for a public audience. The "Wild Thoughts" hitmaker notoriously shared the birth of his son via Snapchat, allowing fans and casual onlookers an unprecedented look into this world. 

Early this morning, Winfrey took to Twitter to congratulate Khaled on his progress thus far:

Nonetheless, Khaled was elated by the television and lifestyle mogul's kind words, taking to Instagram and Twitter to share his excitement over Winfrey's positivity.

Sometimes, positive reinforcement can go a long way; keep up the good work DJ Khaled!