DJ Khaled has solidified his presence in the hip-hop landscape, and the endearing mogul shows no sign of slowing down. After all, young Asahd has merely whetted his appetite for executive production, and the upcoming Father Of Asahd is not going to curate itself. For all intents and purposes, Khaled has earned his place in the hip-hop pantheon, encapsulating the modern day hustler's ambition. Now, Khaled has taken a moment to dig into the vaults, sharing a nostalgic photograph from simpler times. 1990 to be precise, when Khaled was but a young DJ, digging through crates like many have done before him.

His current look has become somewhat iconic, so it's kinda crazy to see him in his formative years. The only thing linking past and present together appear to be a shirt size. Other than that, Khaled is fresh-faced and B-Boy-esque, looking at ease in his crude, yet no doubt cozy studio setup. There's little doubt that Khaled can murder the turntables if prompted, and it seems likely that his younger self was no stranger to the process. Check out the throwback gem below.