DJ Khaled is a pretty blingy dude, and while we generally assume his jewelry is real, it seems the DJ may have been rocking some fake diamonds, but apparently, he paid for them as if they were legit. 

Rafaello & Co. launched a lawsuit against Khaled when he allegedly failed to pay his bill, but he's now counter-suing the company for a number of things, including giving him some fake merchandise.

While Khaled admits to doing business with the company from 2008 to 2013, he claims that whether he returned am item or bought it, no receipts were ever exchanged, and those being presented for the lawsuit were drawn up after the fact.

He went on to accuse Rafaello & Co. of selling him what was said to be a gold Cuban link chain with 98 diamonds for $110,000. He says the jewelry was worth less than $30,000 in reality, making his $240,000 insurance for the piece extremely unnecessary. 

The jeweler's original suit alleged that Khaled had requested a number of items for a 15-day "try out," but never returned the jewelry or paid for the merchandise.

Seems like someone's lying here. Whose side are you on?