With the NBA playoffs underway, TMZ Sports caught up with Snapchat maestro DJ Khaled to get his thoughts on the Miami Heat chances at making a championship run and the possibility of a Khaled ownership stake in his hometown team. 

“I would love to talk to the Heat [and see if they’d] let me be a owner, even if it’s one percent. Either way, I’m there representing courtside. And if I’m out of town, I’m representing. I bleed Miami. It’s Miami Heat for life. It’s Miami everything.”

Jay Z famously held an ownership stake in the Brooklyn Nets of one-sixth of one percent. The Miami Heat are valued at $1.3 billion. A one percent ownership stake would be $13 million, or roughly of Khaled's net worth. Even if Lebron doesn't come back, he's still down to make it happen.

“I’ve got nothing but love for LeBron James,” Khaled said. "If he came back to Miami, smartest decision he ever made in his career. But where he’s at, it’s a blessing for him, too.” 

Khaled recently hit the White House for some major cloth talk with President Obama and several prominent rappers. Watch his full TMZ Sports interview below.