Since becoming a Weight Watchers ambassador, DJ Khaled's weight loss journey has been made public through his social media pages. The producer has always been on the heavier side but recently, he made a promise to himself to get healthy. He hasn't been embarrassed to share his goals with the world, showing the number on the scale a few times in the last year. If you look at before and after photos, you can see that Khaled looks like a different man. He made sure to challenge anybody saying otherwise by posting a comparison collage of him from a few years ago next to him today.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

DJ Khaled has been showing off his new healthy lifestyle for months on his social media platforms, gradually working in exercise and different meal choices to his daily routine. His latest before and after reveal will make you believe that he's a completely different man. He shared a photo of himself from a few years ago next to one showing off his current figure and the changes are obvious. 

"Wow I can’t believe that was me on the left," wrote Khaled. "I look like I couldn’t even breath smh ! But look at me now !!!!!!!! LET ME GUESS YOU STILL DONT SEE IT COMING OFF . I WANT IT OFF !!!!!!!!!!! To succeed you must believe!"

DJ Khaled is well on his way to reaching his goals. Congratulations to him!