Ah yes, the inevitable flurry of hype following a DJ Khaled summer single. We've seen it before last year, when "I'm The One" bounced onto the scene with a triumphant proclamation of self-worth. A far cry from some of Khaled's earlier work, which generally tended to combine the likes of Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, and Drake for, at the very least, somewhat street-friendly bangers. Yet something has changed; perhaps fatherhood truly softened the mogul. Now, instead of "We Takin' Over," we're being served pop music disguised as milquetoast hip-hop. And that's okay. It simply is what it is, and a certain sect of listener will probably walk the other way.

By all means, let Khaled secure his bag. The man works hard, and has won the hearts of many prominent figures. Don't get it twisted; he's given us plenty of memorable material over this course of his successful career. But is his name too solid to waver, or is the man susceptible to a flop? Those looking for something different from last year's "I'm The One" will find no solace here. But for those simply looking for something mindless to bop to, "No Brainer" could be a worthwhile remedy.

What do the fans think? Did Khaled fall back on his old bag of tricks, or is this one fresh enough to make a lasting impression?