The last time we caught up with DJ Khaled on a jet ski he needed help from his friends after he found himself in a shrub of trees and had to navigate his way out. The mega-producer documented the ordeal detailing "how in life there are roadblocks, and we have to overcome... The key is 'don't panic.'"

It seems as though Khaled learned his lesson and on his recent jet ski trip it was his friend Ayo Juan who encountered some troubles and needed his help. In the video below, Khaled documents Ayo swimming to safety after he fell off his jet ski. We're not sure how he fell off in the first place, but the Miami Sea Patrol had to come through to help Ayo even more by pulling him to a nearby dock. 

At the end of the clip, Khaled says he feels like he's in Bad Boys 3, throwing in some free promo for the upcoming movie that Will Smith and Martin Lawrence officially announced yesterday