Despite his staggering popularity, DJ Khaled has been a divisive figure all the same, with some detractors continuously wondering what he actually does in a given studio session. And with his upcoming album Khaled Khaled currently in the works, questions about whether or not the Floridian DJ has a masterpiece project in him have begun to circulate at an increasingly active pace. So much so that the generally affable mogul actually took a moment to school some of his critics on Instagram, encouraging those negative types to dig deeper and do their homework.

DJ Khaled

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

"Some boy Ah need to do history lesson unless you want lesson," writes Khaled, echoing the same message in the accompanying video. "Some tings take time and some tings take along time can’t wait to share the KHALED KHALED journey on my new album I’m working on . when it’s coming? I don’t know. "Swipe for HISTORY LESSON or some boy might want lesson. THE LIGHT IS LOVE. YOU CAN NEVER SKIP THE GRIND ! DO NOT GIVE UP !!!!"

In addition to the message, Khaled lined up a veritable slew of throwback pictures, many of which harken back to his humble roots as a rising disc jockey. Though his bombastic personality can feel larger than life to the point of parody, it's refreshing to see him in a more relatable state -- a young creative simply looking to master his craft and make a living. There are even a few crates ripe for the digging. It's no wonder he continues to preach a message of hard-work and relentless hustle, given how far he has come. Check out the old school pictures below, and sound off if you're excited for Khaled Khaled.