DJ Khaled has been in "album mode" for the last few weeks, linking up with some of the world's most popular artists, including Travis Scott, Diddy, and more, for his upcoming studio album Khaled Khaled. The project has seemingly been in the works for a couple of years, but the mega-producer appears poised to drop the project in the coming months, continuing to reveal his collaborators on social media. He's also been promoting his latest capsule collection with Dolce & Gabbana. 

On any given day, not just Thursdays, DJ Khaled is known to dive into his picture books to share some of his favorite memories with the world. The 45-year-old global superstar has been around the music industry for decades so he's witnessed a lot of greatness. He loves to periodically go back in time to reflect on his legendary career. This week, Khaled looked back on when he was just a young lad, sharing a picture of himself on his soccer team as a teenager. 

Posting a shot of him as a budding soccer star on his team back in the day, DJ Khaled added a current-day video of him back on the field, practicing his footwork. And it may come as a surprise to some but, in 2021, DJ Khaled still has some pretty fancy footwork on the pitch. He likely wouldn't hold his own in a professional game but, in a quick match-up with friends, he might end up sliding right by you to score.

Take a look above at DJ Khaled's latest throwback and stay tuned for more news on his upcoming album.

Rick Diamond/Getty Images