Once you get to a certain level in this confusing game of life, you can comfortably switch ramen noodles for 24K gold. While it may not sound entirely appetizing to bite into a rough plate of gold, it's apparently pretty delicious. For the last few months, DJ Khaled has been a spokesman for Weight Watchers as he attempts to reach his goal weight. On his social media profiles, he can often be seen alongside his personal chef as they prepare his meals for the day. In order to get his daily protein intake, he hit up "Salt Bae's" restaurant and sliced into some luxurious steak.

Mimicking the famous chef, Khaled was equipped with a steak knife as he started cutting into the tender meat. While it was not as elegant as the Turkish butcher's viral video, the producer and DJ sprinkled the salt on perfectly, even going in for a second helping. We all deserve a cheat day every now and again.

The video has been posted on both DJ Khaled and Nusret Gökçe's Instagram pages. Chef Khaled seemed focused and intent on delivering a perfect product to his patrons. Would you let Khaled cook for you or are you gonna pass? Watch the video below.