Three 6 Mafia announced they'd be returning to the stage this December to perform the first indoor arena concert since the terrors of COVID-19 began. They insisted that strict social distancing measures would be put in place to make the event safe and enjoyable for all but still, many had their concerns.

DJ Paul addressed it during his recent appearance on TMZ Live. The founder of Three 6 Mafia explained during a recent interview that Three 6's team and the Kentucky Governor's Office spoke at great lengths about this show in order to get approval and finalize how they'd carry out the performance safely. They've put so much work in already, what's the point of ruining that? Especially at a time when artists aren't able to make money off of touring.

"You gotta wear your mask, you know. If you take your mask off, we gonna remove you from the venue. We got everybody in sets of four," he explained of the setup. "If the show sells out then we're going to do another one. We'll give them time to, you know, sanitize the place. Disinfect it, blah blah blah, whatever and do another one. I think it's set up so cool, I think everything will be fine."

The Chainsmokers attempted their own social distancing type of concert in the Hamptons this past summer. It was a miserable failure that resulted in fans rushing towards the stage, ignoring that coronavirus is still out in the world. DJ Paul explained this won't happen because there's so much security on deck. 

"I don't think Lexington, Kentucky gonna play that," he said. "From what I'm told, they're going to have security tight. So soon as somebody tries to jump out of those little pods or whatever they got 'em in, I think they're gonna get them back to the area."