This year, a lot of noise was made about a potential Three 6 Mafia reunion. Considering all the attention that G Herbo's "Who Run It" freestyle got and all the subsequent attempts at the challenge, it seemed only right for Juicy J and DJ Paul to team back up. The two had some issues earlier this year when DJ Paul unleashed all his pent-up frustration on Juicy J during a Twitter rant, saying that his former partner-in-crime gave up on the Mafia. The two artists are a staple in Memphis hip-hop and with so many artists taking off from the area these days, a Three 6 reunion would be insanely nostalgic.

DJ Booth published a piece last week saying that Juicy J was interested in the prospect of making new music with DJ Paul. The self-proclaimed "King of Memphis" had not responded until yesterday when he seemed intrigued by the concept of getting back in the studio with Juicy. "Then What We Waiting For?" asked Paul after reposting the headline. He joked about how the two aren't getting any younger, writing, "Any Longer Then We’ll Have To Call This Album #TheEnd Aswell." 

With all the classics they've released over the years, we would be silly to take issue with the potential reunion. Even if all that comes out of this is unity among the two, we're still happy. However, some new music would be amazing.