On January 1st, Newsweek tweeted a photo of the late Martin Luther King Jr. that showed him dead in his casket. The publication captioned the photo with, "Has Anyone Seen My Old Friend Martin?" Martin's daughter, Bernice King, replied to the insensitive tweet saying, "Why, @Newsweek? Wow."

Many Twitter users also tweeted at the publication shocked they would post such an image calling the move "journalistic malpractice" and just awful - you can view the picture here. Hip-hop emcee DJ Paul has sounded off on the move saying it's "crazy and real disrespectful." 

TMZ caught up with the Memphis rapper while at LAX, where he added that the journalist who posted the photo should be fired. "I don't know if there were trying to make a joke or whatever man, but people go too far with this Internet shit these days. I think whoever did it should be fired man, for real."

With Martin Luther King Jr. day coming up, Paul touches on how much he's done for the brothers but admits there's still a long ways to go. "We got rich brothers all over here man, that could have never happened without Martin Luther King," he says in the video below. "It's like it goes up, but then it comes back down."