After the "Who Run It" challenge blew up, capturing the entire rap world with nearly everybody taking part in freestyling over the classic Three 6 Mafia beat, DJ Paul and Juicy J both took part in freestyles of their own. With Juicy J's relationship somewhat flawed after no longer working with Triple 6 since 2014, his connection to DJ Paul is also understandably broken to an extent. While both proudly represent Three 6 Mafia in their current music, only one of them is still wearing the uniform according to Paul. Unloading a series of tweets against his former brethren, DJ Paul took a swing at Juicy J for switching up his clique while still claiming Triple 6.

The self-proclaimed "King of Memphis" had a lot to get off his chest as he began his rant by praising Three 6 Mafia as the "BEST GROUP OF ALL TIMES," claiming he's the only member still wearing the uniform. That's when the Juicy slander began and, while he never mentioned the rapper by name, it was very clear who he was referring to. Writing that he "gave up on mafia" before switching over to a new crew, DJ Paul called the Stay Trippy artist an actor, not a rapper. Before telling him to retire, the K.O.M. created a new hashtag, insisting that Juicy "#StopHollinMafia."

Check out the entire thread below. DJ Paul does not hold back his true feelings as he is clearly still passionate about Three 6 Mafia and will do anything to protect the image of the group.