DJ Clue is one of the most legendary DJs in the world, impacting the game for decades by working with iconic artists like Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Diddy, The Notorious B.I.G., and more. He's well-respected, becoming one of the biggest names to ever come out of Queens, New York. He takes credit for being the first DJ to go platinum, making his mark on the music industry for years to come after that.

When the opportunity came up for us to host DJ Clue on DJ Paul's Mafia Radio podcast, we couldn't refuse the chance to have two legendary OGs chop it up about some of the greatest moments in their careers.

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The sixth episode of the podcast is officially out now, containing stories from DJ Clue about his work with LL Cool J, Jay-Z, Biggie, and more. DJ Paul also tells his fascinating background of how he got his first mixer, which has a crazy story behind it.

"A friend of mine bought me my first mixer. He came over to my house and he hand-delivered me the mixer and then he turned around and said, 'I killed my dad,'" said DJ Paul. "I was like, hold up, what happened? And he was like, 'yeah, he tried to jump on me and this and that, and I killed him but you know what, I'll see y'all later in life, man.' And he just left up out of the house and I just watched him walk across this long front yard and just walk off into the trees. I've never seen him again in my life. I still got that mixer in my room right now. I don't use it."

That's not even the best part of the interview. Near the end of their conversation, DJ Paul asks DJ Clue about how he hooked up Cardi B and Offset, which he revealed a few years ago. 

"I heard you're a love connector, man," said DJ Paul to Clue. The Three 6 Mafia legend asks about how Cardi B and Offset got together through him and, according to Clue, it went a little like this:

"I had a birthday party I was doing at a spot out here called Aces. The Migos had came to the radio station to do an interview and they was hosting the party. I was like, 'yo, if y'all need some females, I can invite some females.' Offset pulled me to the side and he was like, 'hey listen, I don't know what you got going on but I need the Cardi B chick, what's up with her?'" remembered DJ Clue. "I'm like, oh that's the homie. I knew Cardi because she used to be dancing at shows and shit, whatever. So I’m like, 'yeah I can make that happen I’m gonna tell her to come out tonight or whatever.'"

DJ Paul asked at that point if Cardi B was already out as an artist, to which Clue said she was starting to pop a little.

"I think her single was out. Her single had come out and it was buzzin’ a little bit," said Clue. "So I had hit her up like, 'yo my man wants you to come out.' She was like, 'yo I got an early flight tomorrow.' I told [Offset], 'man she probably can’t come tonight. She has an early flight tomorrow so later in the week we can link up or whatever.' So I told him 'yo I got you, I would make sure it goes through and the rest is history, man.'"

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DJ Clue is also responsible for hooking up La La and Carmelo Anthony, explaining:

"Well, me and La La were doing MTV Direct Effect and we both tried out and got hired for the show. We’d always be talking and she would see me around, you know, I’m always around basketball players and football players and shit like that. So she was like, 'yo I need a boyfriend, I need a good guy or whatever,'" recalls Clue. "So one of my good friends introduced me to Melo. First, I met him through Lenny Cooke at the All American game. One of my good friends was actually driving him. He was the driver for the Draft and he was like, 'yo I’m a driver for Carmelo Anthony and he wants you to come to the Draft with him today.' And I’m like alright, I’ll pull up. I went and met him outside the Garden, walked him into the Draft on Draft Day and we always kept in touch. And I remembered La La-- I always thought Melo was a kinda good guy, you know? I told La La, 'I’ma hook you up with my boy Melo.' I had reached out to him and he never said nothing to me. So a month later, he called me and was like, 'what’s up with that La La chick?' I was like, 'man, I’ma plug you.' So I made the connection like that and they went on a date and the rest is history, man."

DJ Clue: legendary DJ, and love connector. Watch the latest episode of Mafia Radio up above and check out the last episode with the viral Mario Judah here.