Fatboy SSE's weight is a part of his stage name, but he's trying to get his health in check, losing eighty pounds and detailing how he did so on the latest episode of Mafia Radio with DJ Paul

He's well-known for being a big guy. It's become part of his appeal, but Fatboy SSE wants his life to be as long as possible, so he's making the necessary changes to his diet. Embracing a pescetarian lifestyle, Fatboy and DJ Paul both cut red meat out of their diets. They started off their 30-minute chat by chatting about what they've been eating, offering some alternatives to one another before getting into the nitty-gritty. 

Rich Fury/Getty Images

Fatboy went on to discuss how he makes money, revealing that he nets a full salary from Instagram. Detailing his criteria for promotion on the social media platform, Fatboy says he's also done 200 club appearances and shows over the years, which slowed down recently because of COVID-19, as well as his current music venture with EMPIRE. Contrary to popular belief, music actually came first for Fatboy before he blew up as a comedian on social media, with the star revealing that he grew up listening to artists like DJ Paul and Three 6 Mafia

Elsewhere during their talk, Fatboy SSE keeps it a buck about the scariest situation he's ever been in, which involved him getting sliced with a machete.

"I'ma keep it a thousand. The scariest situation I've been in, and I knew it was going down, is when I got sliced with a machete on my wrist," said Fatboy before showing off his scar on camera. "We was in a big fight. The dude came to my block in my hood, inviting us to his private party and I wasn't having it. I'm like, 'nah n***a, you ain't coming over like that'. So I threw a soda can at his car and hit his car. He was like, 'who did that?', so I was like, 'me!' He came to the sidewalk where my block is at, where the Chinese food store is at, so I just hit him in the face. He went to his car and I was thinking he was getting a broomstick or a pole. I'm not really worried, I'm telling him like, 'n***a you's a bitch.'"

It turns out that the guy came swinging with a machete, which hit him on the wrist. While he was running away, the man hit him again on the back with the machete. Fatboy says it all happened in 2012. After that, he went and got a gun, which he made sure to carry around with him. Listen to the crazy story up above on the latest episode of Mafia Radio.