Though leaks don't run quite so rampant as they once did, a prematurely released song can still wreak havoc on a release schedule. Some artists are particularly susceptible to them, and the late Juice WRLD happens to be one such artist. Given that he's no longer alive, and as such, the supply of new material is limited, leaks can have an impact on whatever his team and label have in store. For Juice collaborator DJ Scheme, the situation is particularly touchy, to the point where he found himself going off on a Twitter user who downplayed the impact of leaked music. 

DJ Scheme

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

"One day when your older you’ll realize leaking a persons music who passed away was one of the greediest things u could do once there’s nothing els 2 release," writes Scheme, alluding to a recent Juice WRLD song leak. When one user argues that the labels don't move fast enough, Scheme retorts with some valuable life advice. "You don’t get shit when you want it that’s not how life works..."

One particular Twitter user seemed particularly annoyed with Scheme's stance, arguing that Juice had over 1500 unreleased songs in his vault. Scheme, who has a few Juice WRLD collaborations of his own tucked away, wasn't having it. "Shut the fuck up you sound like an entitled bitch," he writes, clapping back with a vengeance. "Some random fuck boy like you who didn’t know him a day in your life gets to make a bunch of money off HIS ART. maybe think some songs he didn’t want to release. You disrespect his ART everyday. Suck my dick." 

Clearly, Scheme has no patience for those looking to disrespect his friend and collaborator's legacy, especially when it interferes with Juice's own artistic intentions. For more from DJ Scheme, including further insight into his relationship with Juice WRLD, be sure to check out our exclusive interview with the producer right here