During a recent sit down on the Premium Pete show (the episode originally aired in November, but the people need to hear this one), DJ Whoo Kidd opened up about the first time he met Eminem, which resulted in a truly surreal and strange tale of shootouts, silencers, groupie luv, open door shitting, and more. It all started in Japan, when Whoo Kid and G-Unit were opening for Eminem's world tour. "We couldn't get near him at that time," says Whoo Kidd, "he was boxed in in his own private sections." Still, the crew all stayed in the same hotel, employing actual Yakuza members to protect them, at least until 2 AM.

"I was sharing a room with Young Buck," says Whoo Kidd, before assuring listeners he didn't catch any of Buck's rumored proclivities in action. "He didn't touch my ass," laughs Whoo Kidd. "I'ma make that shit clear." Still, it didn't take long for Whoo Kidd to seek a different living arrangement, given Buck's penchant for shitting with the door open and blasting music at uncomfortably loud volumes. Eventually, he made the jump to Sha Money XL's room, where he proceeded to arrange for some Japanese groupie luv. "At around two in the morning, I called a few Japanese bitches to come over to fu*k me and Sha Money XL," he says, explaining that a language barrier was not about to thwart his mission.


 Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

After everyone was asleep, however, things appeared to go left. "All of a sudden, this bitch is sleeping on the couch, and she said the door opened," explains Whoo Kidd. "Somebody with a gun started shooting, like a silencer. It went through the drapes. She fainted. We're sleeping, we don't know what's going on." Whoo Kidd was roused from his slumber by the women, who claimed that somebody was trying to kill him. Whoo Kidd immediately assumed he inherited one of 50's beefs, and proceeded to call the police. Still, nobody knew what was going on, despite the fact that there were bullet holes in the drapes. 

"Days go by," says Whoo Kidd. "We're all scared on the road. I finally see Eminem. He always has game rooms on tour, he's rich as fuck....Now he finally comes in, playing ping pong with us, laughing with us...We're like, we almost got killed the other day! He's laughing, chilling, like word? Two days go by again, and I happen to go out to get a drink at 2,3 in the morning. Now I see fuc*ing Eminem, and he had - this is crazy-  I don't know if it's a ninja mask or some shit, and he had the gun!" 

"He would like, kick the door in, he'd kick Proof's door in, and he'd start shooting inside the shit," explains Whoo Kidd. "He looks at me, and he just walks back to his room. I'm like, this guy was literally across from our room. He never came out to say it was him. He let the police investigation go down. He's looking out the window, watching us cry and be worried, and this is like three or four days in! That's what started our relationship. He's like, laughing at us, cause he brought us into his world."