When DK Metcalf was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks, football fans knew he was about to be special. His large stature makes him a physically dominating presence on the field and he has the wide receiver skills to match. He has turned into one of Russell Wilson's favorite targets and it has largely been a pleasure to watch him play week in and week out. 

Last night, during a game against the Arizona Cardinals, Metcalf became a viral sensation on social media thanks to what he was able to do on a Cardinals interception. In the clip below, Wilson turned the ball over to Budda Baker who had a clear path for a touchdown. That was until Metcalf kicked it into high-gear and chased him down, leading to a tackle before the team could eve get in the end zone. It was a spectacular play that shocked Baker.

"I was running, and next thing you know, I see big 14 coming after me," Baker said to reporters. "He got me. That's the first time I've ever been hawked in my entire life."

Fans were quick to give the play the meme treatment as they marveled at what Metcalf had done. Chasing down a player like Baker is no easy task, and at the time, it helped save the game for the Seahawks. Despite the play, however, Metcalf and the Seahawks lost in overtime by a score of 37-34.