There's no denying that DMX is one of the greatest rappers in hip-hop history. Look no further than his epic 1998 run that included both It's Dark And Hell Is Hot and Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Bloodtwo classics released back-to-back. Not to mention his "Damien" trilogy, some of the best hip-hop horror penmanship of all time. A legacy act that has no doubt influenced a vast crop of modern-day rappers to some degree, fans have been eagerly anticipating the long-awaited followup to DMX's last studio album Return Of The Beast, which hit stores in 2015. Now, it would appear the time for a comeback is nearly upon us.

DMX New Album

Chris McKay/Getty Images

Since we last heard from DMX, the rapper has experienced a slew of hardships, including a brief stint in prison for a tax-fraud charge. Determined to remind the masses what he's all about on the mic, X took to Instagram to provide an update on the state of his next project, which has been in the works for a minute. "Look thru my eyes," he captions. "Locked in the studio, there's a lot I have to say."

The brief yet exciting update arrives on the heels of an unexpected cameo on Tory Lanez' madcap Quarantine Radio, which found X confirming that the album was currently in the works. Given that X has been increasingly active on social media of late, it wouldn't be surprising to see him kick off a rollout sooner rather than later. Regardless of how you might feel about new DMX music, it should be noted that his return is nothing short of a hip-hop triumph -- especially given some of the hardship he's endured in recent memory. Keep an eye out for more updates on the new DMX album as they surface.