The topic of snitching has been well covered in the past year. It's largely due to Tekashi 6ix9ine's cooperation with the authorities in the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods takedown. However, it's also shed a light on those who consider themselves a civilian in the rap game. Someone like Pharrell, whose sound was integral in pioneering coke rap, isn't necessarily from the streets, nor does he claim to be. 

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During an interview with Drink Champs, Pharrell explained that he's not a street guy and that because he pays taxes, he's willing to call the police if necessary. "Literally, I'm not a tough guy, I'm staying my ass inside and the f*cking FBI is on speed dial, bro. I'm not a f*cking tough guy," said Pharrell. "You people say things about snitching... I'm f*cking snitching! Don't talk to me about all that! Everybody plays their part, this is a movie, you guys, everybody plays their part. I am snitching! Don't do nothing around me, I'm not built for the jail life. I am snitching!"

Some weren't surprised while others were simply appalled by the idea that someone of Pharrell's stature would publicly endorse such behavior.DMX is others. The legendary MC recently sat down with the good folks at Drink Champs where he shared his thoughts on Pharrell's comments. He said that he would love to work with Pharrell, even though the comments about snitching had him "f*cked up."

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"He's a musical genius. It just fucked me up when I saw some interview he did. Some shit on Instagram, like, 'Oh, I'm snitching,'" explained X. NORE and DJ EFN looked at each other with concern before admitting that Pharrell made these comments on their platform. "It's a difference between, 'I'm not going to jail for something you did,' as opposed to 'I got FBI on speed-dial.' What are you calling them for?" added X before NORE confirmed that Pharell did, in fact, say this verbatim.

"Listen, if they come get you then, you know, that's when you say something. 'Alright, I didn't do it.' That's the most you say. But don't call -- what you callin' for? 'This shit just happened.' Nah, nah. They ain't even asking you if you callin' 'em," continued X.

Check the full interview out below.