He may have a bit of a rough exterior, but DMX is a do-gooder at heart. The rapper has talked openly about his faith and wanting to live a life of giving back to those who are less fortunate than himself, and unlike others who talk the talk but don't walk the walk, DMX put his money where his mouth is.

DMX, real name Earl Simmons, was reportedly in the state Maine because he was scheduled to perform at Rock Row, but during his time off, he bumped into a woman named Nikki Cutchens. The mother was shopping at the Maine Mall in Portland with her teen daughter, Grace, and the duo were looking for a new pair of back-to-school shoes for Grace when they decided to go inside of the Journey's store. Grace told reporters that she found exactly what she wanted and when they got to the register, the man next to them randomly offered to cover their purchase.

"Technically, they're his shoes," Grace joked. "I just say I have DMX's shoes." When he was asked by Nikki why he would pay for their item, he said because he's blessed to have 15 children of his own, he wanted to bless her family, too. DMX completed the wholesome interaction by taking the time to pose for photos, as well.