DMX fans already know that the legendary Yonkers rapper has experienced an unparalleled career, fraught with skyrocketing highs and alarming lows. Between setting 1998 ablaze with two classics, including It's Dark And Hell Is Hot and Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood (which recently celebrated its twenty-first birthday a few days ago), to his recent return to the stage after another stint in rehab, X has seen trials and tribulations that might have broken a lesser spirit. And yet he continues to move forward confident in his purpose, as evidenced by a triumphant return to the stage

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images 

Active once again, DMX has been keeping the same energy on his Instagram page, providing fans with some throwback content for their feeds. Earlier this morning, X shared an old-school, throwback picture from what can be assumed to be his first stint in jail in 1988 -- a brief bid for carjacking. In his caption, X makes it clear that he's prepared for anything, reminding us that "this jail shit ain’t nothin new." 

For one particular lurker, X's comment proved problematic in nature. Upon voicing concerns, X replied in true-to-self fashion. "I’ve already survived what would have destroyed most," he wrote. "Praise be to GOD!!!” Check out his throwback picture below, and be sure to show some love to DMX in the comments. Is he making your Top 10?