It’s official! X gon’ give it to George Zimmerman. The former security guard, acquitted for the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, will go head-to-head versus DMX in a celebrity boxing match.

Confirmed by TMZ, celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman revealed that DMX was selected out of 15,000 applicants to fight Zimmerman. The boxing match will be 3 rounds with the date, time, and location of the fight being announced at a news conference next Wednesday, February 12th.

Let it be known that no one wanted to beat Zimmerman's ass more than DMX did. A few days ago, X told TMZ he would piss on his face and be jailed if they allowed him to fight George Zimmerman. He stated,

"I am going to beat the living fuck out him … I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I fuck him right up. "Once I am done with him, I am going to whip my dick out and piss on him ... right in his muthafuckin face." -DMX

Could Zimmerman actually stand a chance against X? After all, he has been training pretty hard for a few months now and is only 30 years old, while DMX is 43 years old. Ha! Just kidding, this should be an ass whoopin’ of biblical proportions by X. This is long over-due. 

Today (Feb. 5th) would have been Trayvon Martin's 19th birthday.

We’ll keep you updated on the match when made available.

[UPDATE: DMX Has Not Yet Finalized A Boxing Match With George Zimmerman]

Yesterday we said "it's official" concerning a boxing match between the most hated George Zimmerman and Dark Man X. However, as it turns out, it's not quite as official as we thought.

While there has been a verbal agreement between both parties that they will fight each other, a rep for DMX says it will only be finalized once they see a contract.

The rep says contract negotiations are currently on-going, so hopefully something will be finalized soon.

Zimmerman has stated he will give the proceeds of the boxing match to charity, as for DMX, we do not yet know.