Last weekend, family and friends paid their final respect to DMX while fans tuned into the memorial and funeral from home. The memorial was slightly late but it ended up being a perfect celebration of X's life with his children and family sharing heartfelt words about the rapper. It was the funeral, however, where things got a tad bit unhinged. X's friend Jungle crashed the stage to make a speech that he somehow made about himself but was ultimately kicked off of the stage.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Darin Dee Dean, CEO of Ruff Ryders, took to Instagram where he revealed that Jungle personally pulled up on him on his block to offer an apology for his words. The footage shows Jungle on the phone with Reverend A.R. Bernard apologizing for his actions. "As a personal friend of Earl Simmons, I just got emotional and frustrated and angry, you know, of the situation and it just turned out that way. That was not my intention," said Jungle over the phone. "And definitely not my intention to disrespect anybody's house, much less anybody's service."

The video later shows Jungle alongside members of the Ruff Ryders on their block where he offered a public apology to anyone offended by his actions. "I saw the footage, I didn't like what I saw so I wanted to apologize. to the family and friends of Earl," he said.

Peep the clip below.