Def Jam Records has seen many legendary artists lining their historic roster throughout the years, but when it comes to overall discographies, it's hard to find a competitor packing more punch than DMX.

In 1998, X left an undeniable impression on the rap game by delivering back-to-back number one albums with It's Dark & Hell Is Hot and Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood. A few years later, he was among the biggest superstars in the industry, delivering number one albums, starring in action blockbusters, and holding it down with the Ruff Ryders movement. All the while, X remained an integral piece of the Def Jam roster, cementing himself as one of their most acclaimed and beloved artists.


Jerod Harris/WireImage/Getty Images

It's not entirely surprising to see that X's longtime label, on which his recent Exodus album was released, came through for the late rapper's family following his death in April. According to the findings of TMZ, Def Jam covered the entirety of DMX's funeral bill, which came out to a reported total of $35,228.13. 

The total expenses as billed to X's family include the transportation of his coffin, embalming, the red casket, the hearse, and flowers. The documents reveal that the distinctive casket cost a total of $7,450. 

Following X's death on April 9th, Def Jam released a touching statement, describing him as "a brilliant artist and an inspiration to millions around the world." An accurate assessment of a man who continues to live through his music to this day. Rest in peace to DMX, hip-hop's honest writer.