Ben Simmons has been one of the most scrutinized players in the entire league over the last couple of weeks, and it is all thanks to his horrific playoff performances this postseason. The 76ers had a phenomenal chance at making it to the NBA Finals this year although they ended up squandering that chance and it was largely because of Simmons' lack of offense. He has proven he can score 30 points or more when he wants to, although, in the playoffs, he was lucky to score double-digit points at all.

After the 76ers' elimination against the Hawks, Doc Rivers said he didn't know if Simmons was the point guard of the future. Now, Rivers is going back on those comments as he was recently approached by TMZ in California. As you can see below, Rivers is adamant that he wants Simmons to return.

Ben Simmons

Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

"Ben's great. I want him back. He's terrific. He'll be great," Rivers said. "I think he doesn't need a lot of fixing. He's gonna be great for us. He'll be great."

It's been reported that the Sixers want to keep it going with Simmons although if a good trade comes across their table, there is no reason why they wouldn't pull the trigger. With his shooting woes in mind, the Sixers certainly have a lot to think about this summer.