When Doja Cat released the "Say So" remix with Nicki Minaj, fans were extremely excited to find out how it would sound. The two artists didn't disappoint as the song built upon the original, while also providing some new dances for TikTok. As a way to promote the single, Doja Cat claimed that she would show fans her boobs if the song hit #1 on the Billboard charts. Of course, her fanbase took these comments quite literally and streamed the song as if their lives depended on it.

These efforts proved to be quite fruitful as today, it was revealed that the song was, in fact, at the top of the charts. To celebrate, Doja Cat took to Instagram live and addressed her promise from last week. As she explains, she played you all for fools. That's right, Doja Cat isn't showing you guys anything. The artist acknowledged that it was just a sarcastic joke that no one should have actually taken seriously.

Doja Cat

Cooper Neill/Getty Images for Arnette

Regardless of what you may think about these promotional efforts, you have to admit that they are pretty slick. Besides, "Say So" is a pretty great song and would have done numbers on the charts regardless of the fans who only tuned in for nefarious reasons.

We're sure the internet's reaction to this will be 100 percent rational.