Following her explanation as to why she was wildin' out on Instagram Live the other day, shooting her shot at Russ and gushing over Nicki Minaj and how much she wants new music from the rapper, Doja Cat went and brought even more attention to her social profiles by sharing a photo of herself fully nude in her dressing room.

The "Say So" songstress has found her name in the news this week after she drunkenly ranted about how much she loves Nicki Minaj, taking the opportunity to joke around with rapper Russ, who was commenting on the live-stream. In the direct aftermath of the clip going viral, Doja Cat has been forced to defend her name, noting that fans have been in her mentions accusing her of doing cocaine. To their credit, she was playing a lot with her nose in the video. As per her own accord, Doja was just afraid she had an excess of boogers in her nose. As if she needed any further increased attention, the Los Angeles native went back to her tricks just hours later, uploading a picture of herself showing off her totally phenomenal body while rocking nothing but her birthday suit. 

Doja Cat nude
Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

In the image, she sports a pearl necklace and pink fur but she was clearly in the middle of changing into her wardrobe. An ample amount of side-boob and ass is displayed for the viewers' enjoyment and, since she went "full monty" on us, we're not even able to include the photo in this post. However, you can check out the NSFW content here.

If you choose to stick around, enjoy some more work-appropriate photos of Doja Cat on this page.

Doja Cat nude
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