In the midst of the #DojaCatIsOverParty, the artist in question performed her #1 hit "Say So" from her house for BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend on Saturday (May 23rd). The Internet was rampant with calls to cancel Doja this weekend after videos of what appeared to be her engaging with known alt-right incels on TinyChat surfaced. Tons of claims were made about how she frequents these chats, which often allegedly serve as cesspools for racism and overall reprehensible behaviour.

As Twitter users began digging deeper into Doja's past, they came across a song of hers titled "Dindu Nuffin," a term used as a derogatory slur toward black people who stress the innocence of victims of police brutality. All of this mess caused #DojaCatIsOverParty to start trending, and since then, the rapper has remained silent.

However, although she has yet to address this "exposé" of sorts, Doja did perform "Say So," which recently spent two weeks at No. 1 and remains in the top 5 on the charts, as part of BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend event to make up for her cancelled show in the UK a few weeks ago. Although it's unclear whether Doja filmed the performance prior to this whole scandal, the video premiered on Saturday long after the alleged tea had been spilled. Watch the performance below and stay tuned for her eventual response: