The coronavirus is real, all. It has been. Over the past few months, we've witnessed the world drastically change in the wake of the global pandemic that's claimed rough 641,000 lives. That number would've been higher if social distancing measures weren't put in place, though even then, it appears people have been proven wrong in their belief that COVID-19 isn't all that serious.

Doja Cat once doubted the severity of coronavirus but in a recent interview with Capital XTRA, she revealed that she tested positive. "It's been alright. I've stayed home. I got COVID," she said with a laugh. "Honestly, I don't know how this happens but I guess I ordered something off of Postmates. I don't know how I got it but I got it."

She revealed that she's okay but she revealed that "it was a four-day symptom freak out."

Back in March, Doja Cat took to Instagram Live where she declared that she "don't give a fuck about corona."

"Bitch, I'm not scared of a coronavirus or the beer version of that shit. I'm gonna get corona and then I'mma get a corona because I don't give a fuck about corona, bitch," she said. "It's a flu... I'm not scared. Y'all are pussy."

We're glad she's doing better but damn, if that's not karma working, I don't know what is.