Last year, the All-American Boyband BROCKHAMPTON found themselves faced with a dramatic shakeup. After sexual assault allegations began surrounding then-member Ameer Vann, the band decided it was time to part ways with the rapper. Unfortunately, the decision was not necessarily appreciated by some of their fans, who took to openly lamenting Ameer's absence on social media. Of course, the nuances behind dropping a group member are often complicated and known only by those involved in the process. Yet that hasn't stopped the Vann loyalists from weighing in for the discarded lyricist, as one recently did on Dom McLennon's Twitter page.

Claiming that Dom and the Brockhampton boys "betrayed" Vann, one fan essentially put McLennon on blast for his involvement in the decision. The accusation prompted Dom to say more than he might have intended. "So I'm supposed to be cool with a n***a I found out set my friend up to be robbed that didn't have the heart to tell me until after he got kicked out for all the other fu*k shit he did? Suck my dick. The only reason I ain't say shit is cause other ppl involved."

As is so often the case, a conclusion is quick to be reached without all the proper information being given. With manners such as these, it can often be better to let manners be solved internally. Clearly, the group dynamic of Brockhampton had issues that needed to be sorted out. If they choose to keep their business behind closed doors, perhaps there are reasons for it. Are you still riding for the boyband?