People are not impressed with reggaeton singer Nfasis after he chose to wear casual attire to his own wedding this week, posting pictures of himself kissing the bride in a see-through t-shirt, a white tank top, and a pair of distressed shorts. While the look would definitely have been a choice out on the street, fans are roasting the singer for putting such little thought into his wedding attire after his wife arrived in such a gorgeous dress.

The pictures are going viral with many claiming that they would not be okay with the groom showing up dressed like this. Nfasis posted the pictures two days ago, telling fans that his daughters, family, and friends were at the ceremony. 

"I think there are moments for everything and out of respect for her, who was very pretty in her dress, you should have respected the etiquette and protocol," said one of the singer's fans in a comment translated from Spanish. Another fan pointed out that he's allowed to dress however he wants to his wedding but that he should be open to criticism. "It is his life and it is useless to comment but if he publishes his love life he has to accept criticism. It is disrespectful and clownish to be dressed like this to your wedding," they said.

In a few years, Nfasis will surely be looking back on this day with great pride... What do you think about his wedding attire? Was it inappropriate or is he allowed to do whatever he wants?