How far would you go for free Domino’s Pizza for life? These Russian daredevils took Domino’s recent promotion to another level. On August 31st, the Russian branch of Domino’s Pizza announced they were starting a new promotion, offering fans free pizza for life if they got the Domino’s brand logo tattooed and shared it on social media. Domino’s was, apparently, not expecting so many people to participate in the challenge, forcing them to end the promotion early.

As reported by Munchies, Domino’s first shared the promotion on the Russian equivalent of Facebook. The promotion offered up to 100 free pizzas a year, for 100 years, to any loyal fanatic that tattooed their logo and shared it to their social media. Fans took the challenge and ran with it, hitting Dominos with an overwhelming amount of entries. The original promotion was set to run until October, but the company ended it only five days in due to the numerous responses, equating in numerous free pizzas.

After their social media was flooded with thousands of people who took the pizza chain up on the offer, Domino’s posted an urgent message closing the campaign. They opted to only offer the first 350 participants with lifetime pizzas, and those still waiting to get their tattoo were given a deadline and a warning. In a message on their company’s Vkontakte page, they said, “An urgent message to all those sitting at the tattoo artists right now, we’ll include you in the list of participants but we’re waiting for photos up to midday today. To those with appointments scheduled for later, we recommend canceling them.”

Domino’s surely wasn’t expecting this campaign to be so popular. Either they didn’t believe they had such loyal fans or they didn’t believe that people will do just about anything for a lifetime of free food. 

To what lengths would you go for a lifetime supply of pizza?