Donald Glover, who is promoting the latest season of Atlanta, stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to speak about his widespread successes amongst his various film, television and music projects. Obviously, it was also brought up that Glover will be seen in the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story origin film, inhabiting the role of Lando Calrissian. 

During the interview, the "Redbone" crooner admits that he's a huge Star Wars fan, and that one of his most treasured childhood toys, as well as his first, was a Lando figure. He also reveals that he once bit off the lightsaber off of his Darth Vader plaything. 

Colbert then brought forward the Lego version of Lando, much to Glover's delight. Upon further inspection, the actor notes how the creators of this miniaturized version of himself correctly replicated his "messed up" hairline. However, after playing with it for a couple seconds, Glover accidentally broke off a limb before returning his fragmented toy self back to the late night host.  

The multi-talented entertainer also revealed some "spoilers" about his character, admitting that he dons a cape throughout the film. Glover also gave an intuitive definition of what defines his quest as an artist, which is to "try and make something beautiful out of chaos." Peep the clip below: