While Donald Glover and the rest of his cast only recently wrapped up work on the second season of his hit TV show, Atlanta, hype is already growing for what's next. It's already been confirmed that the show has been renewed for a third season on the FX network, but now some new information has come out about the show's future.

According to IndieWire, Glover has already decided on the tone he wants the show's next season to take, and he made his decision based on an interesting system modeled after another famous rapper: Kanye West. During an Emmy's FYC screening and panel in Hollywood on June 8th, Glover claimed that the third season of Atlanta will be like Kanye's third album: Graduation

"I align the seasons I think, to me, like Kanye records," Glover said. "I feel like this is our ‘Graduation.’ This is probably our most accessible but also the realest — an honest version of it — and I feel like the most enjoyable, like the third album."

Of course, work on the new season has only just begun, but it appears that they're already well on their way coming up with new concepts that promise to be even more bizarre than last season. 

"What’s exciting to me is that we can do almost anything...," said Stephen Glover, the show's executive producer, writer, and brother to Donald. "And also, all the writers are very excited to try to top themselves."

Basing the season on Graduation promises a much friendlier and more positive tone compared to the last season. Now the wait begins until the show makes its return.