Recently, Donald Glover made a return to a former acting gig with a Community table read. Now rumors are swirling concerning another possible role comeback, that of his Star Wars character Lando Calrissian.

Glover's name has been circulating online as potentially reprising the role for an upcoming Disney+ Star Wars series. The YouTube channel Kessel Run Transmissions is responsible for the rumor, as they stated on Wednesday's episode that they heard the actor-artist would be returning as Lando for his very own series. 

The channel has reportedly given accurate information on Lucasfilm's productions in the past, thus adding to the validity of their recent statement. While another YouTuber, Beyond the Trailer, has jumped into mix to remind fans that she stated Glover would have the role of Lando back in April. 

Whatever the case, the news has yet to be officially confirmed, so we'll keep you posted. 

Check out the tweets and respective video clips below.