Yesterday (June 17), Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, made a rare appearance on Twitter by sharing a link that led to an app called Pharos. Once downloaded, Pharos simply showed an image of a starry cosmos with a countdown at the bottom of the screen. Users who've downloaded the app claim that there are about three hours left on the countdown and that the image on the screen now shows a planet, which appears to be getting closer and closer as time goes on. Presumably users will arrive at the planet at the end of the countdown. 

As the countdown nears its end, some Pharos users and avid Gambino fans have been feverishly trying to discover what the app will present once the countdown is through. One reddit user, SweetAlmighty, has managed to locate the app's .ipa file (whatever that may be), in which he saw text that suggests there will be a link to purchase tickets once the app is fully active. Somewhere in the app's DNA, he also found images off different logos for payment companies like MasterCard. He even found an image that was purposely put in there just to troll hackers.

That information has led certain fans to suspect that Glover will be putting on some sort of event -- and some are hopeful that it's an upcoming Childish Gambino tour. Glover's TV series, "Atlanta" -- inspired by the city's rap culture, debuts next month on FX. A tour would be a beneficial in building hype around the show. 

And there's more. Another reddit thread has pointed out that the background music one hears upon opening Pharos has changed a few times throughout the countdown. Apparently, when the music is played at a faster rate, Gambino's vocals can be heard. It's unclear if that's been the case the whole time, but it seems that there's definitely some new music contained in "Pharos" that Glover has made rather difficult for fans to hear. Reddit user danstill97 says, "The background music has changed 3 times since people installed the app, when you speed the music up you can hear Donald singing and a choir." 

Not too much longer to go. Who's looking forward to landing upon planet Pharos?