President Donald Trump admits that he is limiting funding to the United States Postal Service in an effort to stop mail-in ballots for the 2020 Presidential Election in November.

USPS, Trump, Mail In VotingMichael A. McCoy / Getty Images

"If we don't make a deal, that means they don't get the money," Trump told Fox Business Network, Thursday. "That means they can't have universal mail-in voting; they just can't have it."

"They want $3.5 billion for something that will turn out to be fraudulent. That's election money, basically," Trump continued.

Rep. Gerry Connolly, D-Va., chair of the House subcommittee on government operations released a statement condemning the President’s actions: "The president admits his motive for holding USPS funding hostage is that he doesn't want Americans to vote by mail," Connolly said, Thursday. "Why? It hurts his electoral chances. He's putting self-preservation ahead of public safety, for an election he deserves to lose."

The Democrats are reportedly considering bringing the House of Representatives back early to discuss the USPS. "Yes there are discussions to bring the House back to address the Postal Service crisis. Timing (is) not clear yet. Next week and week after (are) being discussed," one aide told CNN.

Taylor Swift even is calling out Donald Trump for limiting USPS funding: "Trump’s calculated dismantling of USPS proves one thing clearly: He is WELL AWARE that we do not want him as our president. He’s chosen to blatantly cheat and put millions of Americans’ lives at risk in an effort to hold on to power," She wrote on Twitter.