COVID-19 has taken away many of the things we used to take for granted. Being able to go to a restaurant with your friends has turned into a life and death decision that could impact some of your loved ones. For about four months, it completely wiped sports off the face of the earth, as leagues had to re-calibrate and find a new way to operate on a day to day basis. While the professional leagues have found a way, it's clear that the NCAA still has some work to do, with many of its divisions taking matters into their own hands.

For instance, the Big 10 announced today that it would be canceling its season, which means some of the most important teams in college football won't be competing this year. In fact, it's believed that even more conferences will eventually follow suit.

As you can imagine, President Donald Trump isn't a big fan of these decisions, as took to Twitter with a very simple message: "play college football."

Trump has been adamant about rebooting the economy amid the pandemic, so his support of college football shouldn't come as much of a surprise. It's an institution that brings many people joy, and depriving people of college football would certainly lead to a lessening of normalcy.

Hopefully, this virus gets a cure soon, so we can go back to the regularly scheduled programming.